About Us

Bringing Balance to Education

Mindfulness in Higher Education was started with one simple intention: to help students in higher education cultivate balance, happiness, and contentment during their formative years as college students. ​

Many students today struggle to find balance during their college years. The need to find meaning and purpose in life often falls to the wayside, as students are burdened with educational, financial, and societal concerns. Stress, depression, and anxiety abound, and many cope in unhealthy ways. At a time in life where students should be discovering themselves and living life to the fullest, these ailments often hinder their amazing potential.

Rock Balancing

Think About Now

We ask the question: If you're not happy now, when will you be?

Rather than finding happiness now, students often think "I'll be happy once I get this or that." First its a job, then a promotion, then a spouse, a new car, and so on and so forth. It is this line of thinking that keeps one from being truly satisfied, for students do not learn to see the "carrot on the stick." If you need something else to be happy, is life really being lived to the fullest?

We strive to help students: 

be happy, content, and fulfilled now;

find true contentment within themselves;

and realize their potential to the fullest.