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Are there any fees or costs?

It is MHE's commitment to offer all mindfulness programs unconditionally and free of cost. Our organization runs on the principle of baymaqsad, an Urdu word meaning "without motive." With only the purpose of bringing mindfulness and tranquility to the hearts of students, we do not ask for or accept any donations or compensation.

are there any fees or costs?


Is this connected to religion?

We teach mindfulness methods that can be practiced by anyone regardless of their beliefs, background, or lifestyle.


We teach from a completely universal, open, and tolerant standpoint. Nothing about our program is religious. However, mindfulness lies at the heart of every religion, and many people with religious backgrounds have enjoyed MHE programs. Anyone can practice, growing in tranquility, peace, and gentleness.

is this connected to religion?

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How do I cultivate mindfulness?

There are many ways to develop a mindful life. We focus on four methods, each with a specific purpose: Service, Meditation, Knowledge, and Intensity. You can find detailed information about these on the Daata Mindfulness page here.

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What is Daata Mindfulness?

Daata Mindfulness is a way of living life to the fullest, treasuring the beauty and tranquility of every moment in our lives. It is a way of living gently, compassionately, and completely with fulfillment and purpose.

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daata mindful


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What is Mindfulness in

Higher Education?

An organization committed to bringing mindfulness to college campuses, with the goal helping students live mindful, happy, and wholesome lives.

what is mHE?

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How do I get involved?

Getting started is as simple as attending

one of our meetings.

Learn about our curriculum here.

how do I get involved?