What is Daata Mindfulness?

Daata Mindfulness is a 1,400+ year old methodology for bringing balance, tranquility, and meaning to one's life. 

Practicing Daata Mindfulness, in its simplest sense, is cultivating the light, gentle, and loving qualities inherent within all human beings. As these increase, the egoistic qualities (fear, anger, anxiety, depression, etc.) naturally reduce. With time and consistent practice, this organic and gradual process brings the practitioner to a natural state of peace and repose. 

Daata Mindfulness is not just one method or practice, but an all-encompassing way of living, structured around four main approaches, each acting in different ways on the heart.

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Selfless Service

The Joy of Giving

Daata Mindfulness helps the individual come out of themselves. Many issues and limitations we build for ourselves are due to constant focus on our own feelings, thoughts, and paradigms. This causes many to make "a mountain out of a molehill," and despair of never overcoming their difficulties. Stress, anxiety, and depression, for example, are all driven deeper by this focus on oneself. 

The service aspect of Daata Mindfulness helps practitioners develop empathy and compassion. Much of this service focuses on small acts of genuine and sincere kindness in every aspect of one's life. We do not emphasize big, ambitious, "world-changing" projects. While such endeavors are good, they are still focused on changing things outside, rather than changing oneself. 


To truly experience the transformational benefits of service, one strives to act unconditionally and without expectation. As one learns to serve, help, and love others, naturally one dwells on their own issues less and less. With consistent practice, this brings a deep sense of contentment and tranquility.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"
Mahatma Ghandi


Daata Mindfulness Method is:


Five minutes twice a day


Anyone can practice regardless of who they are or what they believe


Many students have personally experienced a positive impact on physical, social, and psychological well-being


Consistent meditation allows one to see the world in an increasingly new, fresh and positive way every day

Meditation and Contemplation
Living in the Present
What is Meditation?

Meditation is a simple practice that helps an individual live life to the fullest, enjoying the perfection that every moment has to offer. Our method takes only five minutes, and is best practiced twice a day. During meditation an individual experiences a profound tranquility, wherein they discover a deep contentment, completeness, and wholeness. This is the natural state of a human being, which is too often lost in the midst of our scattered minds and busy lives.

Why Meditate?

Consistent meditation practice brings lasting contentment and stability: the highs in life are enjoyed with gratitude, while the lows in life are embraced with patience. All the while, one remains centered, mindful, and aware of their thoughts and emotions. The quality of life becomes heightened exponentially: qualities such as anger, depression, anxiety, and boredom gradually reduce, and are replaced with compassion, appreciation, love, forgiveness, gratitude, and fulfillment.

In the past 50 years, the western world has taken an ever-growing interest in meditative practices. Researchers have published hundreds of articles suggesting the positive effects of meditation on stress, anxiety, and depression, reducing blood pressure, risk of heart attacks,

and neuroplasticity.


Discovering How to Learn

Daata Mindfulness encourages one to continually increase knowledge and understanding. Through a life of learning, one grows continually each day. This takes the form of formal educational pursuits in school and at home. 


Gaining knowledge, however, is not as important as using knowledge. Daata Mindfulness focuses on knowledge that one can use to realize their potential. 


Rather than teaching students what to learn, MHE strives to teach how to learn. MHE provides resources for students to increase their practical knowledge, through both free books and free mindfulness sessions. 


Beyond Mindfulness

Daata Mindfulness is driven utterly and entirely by cultivating love.

Nothing can bring so much change as easily as love. Overcoming the negative aspects of oneself may seem like a daunting task, and if taken head on, it may even seem impossible.


With complete reliance on love, Daata Mindfulness makes the tasking of realizing one's full potential enjoyable, effortless, and effective. Love creates a soft and tender heart, which makes positive change simple.​ Daata Mindfulness is unique in that it's ultimate goal is to bring an individual to "lovefulness." Many techniques keep mindfulness as the goal. Lovefulness takes mindfulness and brings it to its highest potential, its greatest depth, and its ultimate fruition.

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