Breakdown of Mindfulness Sessions

We offer three levels of mindfulness curriculum. Students are free to go as far as they want, for as long as they want, and take the tools they learn to live a mindful life of gentleness and tranquility.


Mindfulness 1.0

These simple sessions provide a gentle introduction to meditation and mindfulness. They are particularly suited for those who have little to no experience. Senior students teach our simple meditation practice, and give a short discourse on ways to bring mindfulness into everyday life. After a few months of consistent attendance and meditation practice, one's life will begin taking a calm, balanced, and gentle hue.

​Consistent meditation practice and efforts in mindfulness allow one to find balance and contentment with relative ease. For some, this can be enough to live a happy life; for others, they may want to take this peace deeper. These intensive sessions are for students who want to truly begin changing themselves. Here, students will begin to deepen their mindfulness, love, and intensity.

Diving Deeper
Calming the Waters


Mindfulness 2.0


Mindfulness in Higher Education (MHE)

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