Student Organizations

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MHE has an increasingly active presence at Eastern Illinois University. We currently sponsor three Registered Student Organizations. These RSOs provide students with tangible opportunities to change the world by changing oneself. 

EIU Spirituality Club

This organization focuses on cultivating spiritual life on campus through selfless service. Members of EIU Spirituality Club strive to be examples of how practicing mindfulness leads to both inner contentment and outer compassion. This club personifies how actions speak louder than words.

Events & Initiatives


Fruit Pantry-

EIU Spirituality Club pioneered EIU's very first Fruit Pantry! Similar to the concept of a food pantry, Fruit Pantry is a weekly event where members hand out free, fresh fruit. Regardless of socioeconomic status, students, faculty, and community members are welcome to grab free fruit, Wednesdays 2-3:30 pm. Providing a healthy, free snack to people is one way Spirituality Club puts compassion into action!

Celebrating Spiritual Holidays-

Spirituality Club hosts events to commemorate the different holidays and inspirational figures from various spiritual traditions. This initiative reflects EIU Spirituality Club's commitment to celebrating spiritual diversity. We use these opportunities to educate students about the inspirational men and women who have led lives of mindfulness and selfless service. By principal, every initiative is free of cost.

Encouraging Mindful Living-

This club also hosts events and seminars that provide opportunities for students to learn about ways they can apply mindfulness to every aspect of their lives. This may include areas such as nutrition and diet, the workplace, family relations, sustainability, and more.

Advocating Spiritual Pluralism-

Spirituality Club introduces students to the concept of spiritual pluralism: that one can follow one's own path while encouraging and empowering others to follow that which resonates with them. We hope to show students that just as one way of life provides one with purpose and meaning, so, too, can another way of life provide another with purpose and meaning. 

EIU Sustainability Club

This RSO, established fall 2018, emphasizes the connection between sustainability and mindful living. Mindfulness is not simply living in the present moment for oneself, but for the good of the community, country, and humanity!  EIU Sustainability Club is designed to encourage and create opportunities for students to live an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious life. We believe changing the world begins with changing the individual.

Events & Initiatives

Glass Bottle Giveaway-

In honor of Earth Day 2019, EIU Sustainability Club handed out fifty free 20 oz. glass water bottles to students on EIU's campus. Our intention is to reduce plastic waste at EIU, and by providing free reusable glass water bottles to students we hope to encourage the reduction of plastic consumption.

Humble Bumble Bee Initiative-

In spring, EIU Sustainability Club coordinated the Humble Bumble Bee Initiative, in which children of the Charleston, Illinois community came together to learn about the crucial roll of bees in the environment. After an interactive, educational presentation, the children crafted homemade "flower seed bombs" to plant at home to encourage pollination from bees. We emphasize that every small act of compassion performed mindfully and humbly makes a big impact. 

EIU Mindfulness Club

This registered student organization (RSO) offers free weekly meditation sessions and mindfulness discussions at the student union, which serve as our introductory Daata Mindfulness 1.0 program. Meetings are open to all students, faculty, and community members. 

Events & Initiatives

Stress Week-

Every semester during finals week since Fall 2016, EIU Mindfulness Club teams up with the university to participate in campus-wide de-stressing activities. Our club offers several, brief meditation sessions where students can drop by, learn a simple mindfulness technique, and recharge for finals!

Collegiate Recovery Student Association-

Mindfulness Club presented the tool of meditation and introduced the concept of mindfulness to students on the path to recovery from addictions.

EIU Cares-

Mindfulness Club was invited to present at EIU Cares. This event focused on the mental and emotional well-being of college students.

Student Education Association-

Mindfulness Club teamed up with the Student Education Association to teach education majors how mindfulness can be incorporated and valuable in education. MHE believes it is significant not only to teach students about the advantages of mindfulness, but also tomorrow's educators.

MBA Association-

We regularly team up with the EIU business department's MBA Association to host free events focusing on mindfulness in the business world. MHE recognizes that many students' goals are to use their college degree to secure a career, so EIU Mindfulness Club aims to provide business students with the tools to live mindfully even after graduation.


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